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Healthy, fresh, high quality food should be available and affordable for everyone and everywhere in Ireland. No one should be forced to compromise their health due to cost. A well balanced and nutritionally adequate diet is an important part of our wellbeing and will help us to reach our true potential. We can support the sustainability of the healthy food and drink market in Ireland by taking an active role in altering our lifestyles and diets and those of our children.
Introducing new culinary experiences and affordable healthy, fresh, high quality food to the visitors of Irelandís Markets and Events as well as to Private Events is Q2ís main objective.
We are using the most modern techniques, such as Biological Cooking and Pressure Roasting, to ensure that Vitamins, Nutrients and Minerals are not overcooked and colour and taste are fully preserved.
We will bring our Gourmet Mobile Kitchen to your location and cook your food from fresh, which is an attraction by itself and makes your event even more special and unique. The Gourmet Mobile Kitchen is completely self contained and can be operated anywhere, including off-road locations and in all weather conditions as the Gourmet Mobile Kitchen can be completely sealed using its all-round tent.  Alternatively we can cook the food and deliver it to your event using the new generation of gastronorm food carrying systems to ensure hot tasty and safe meals for your event and guests.
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